Pollen Node GoShimmer Screenshot Tutorial (engl.)

  • Main tutorial: Create a IOTA GoShimmer Pollen Node

    Before to start:

    First you need an account (for example at Hetzner.com) and unfortunately you need to tell them some personal datas because of legal issues


    1. At "Cloud Console" you need to add a server

    (Please always make a doubleclick on the pictures inside of this tutorial to see everything):


    2. Choose a server and add an "SSH key" before ordering (How to setup this SSH key, please check the second tutorial in the comentar):


    3. Order the server (for me CX11 did work for a longer time, but lately I changed to CX21 because of performance issues (it's easy to delete the server and start it from scratch, so you can also just try out the cheapest one and change later. You only have to delete the server an creat a new one):


    4. Open PuTTY to get to the command line of your server (How exactly this works you can see in the side tutorial "Putty setup" in the second comment):


    5. Now you only have to insert the following line of code (details on https://github.com/demichele/install-goshimmer ) to create a Pollen Node

    (for "paste" you have to use the "right click" at your mouse inside the console):

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/demichele/install-goshimmer/master/install.sh && chmod 0777 install.sh && ./install.sh

    6. After a while you have to write "y" to confirm to continue:


    That's all! Now you want to see your Dashboard I guess

    7. Copy the IP Adresse from your new Server:


    8: Paste the IP-Addresse in your Internetbrowser

    in the form "http://deine-Ip-Adresse:8081"

    => If Pollen is completely installed (does not need very long), you can already see the Dashboard. Now you only have to wait until the node is sync:


    9. Update: If you want to do an Update you node or it does not work, just insert the second line of code from the Demichelis Tutorial in your console:

    cd /opt/goshimmer && docker-compose down && rm db/* && docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d

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  • In the main tutorial concerning point (2.) you may need more help.

    Second Tutorial: How to setup this SSH key,

    1. Download the program Puttygen ron your computer:


    2. Generate a Public key:


    3. Enter a passwort for the private key:


    4. "Save private key" in one of your folder


    5. Copy your "public key" (mark it and right click "copy"):


    6. If you go back to point 2 from main tutorial you see this field to enter the public SSH key, so "right clik" and "paste:


    7. You need a name and click on "Add SSH-Key:


  • In case you need more help in point (4.) (main tutorial) do the following steps:

    Tutorial: Putty setup (Putty is an App on you Computer to easily access the your virtual server )

    1. Putty setup. Download Putty here

    2. Open the program

    3. Insert the IP addresse from your Server (1), give the Session a name (2) and save it (3):


    4. Unfold SSH (1) and searcht the private key file in the file-explorer (2):


    5. Now go back and save it "Save" (1) und open your console with "Open" (2):


    6. Confirm the Security Alarm with "Yes":


    7. Login

    Login as: root

    password: = Use the password that you created in point (3) ("How to setup SSH Key") for your SSH file of the private key


    Now you can go back to point (5) from the main tutorial

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